Barrel Emptying Pumps

Barrel Emptying Pump

Product Details:
  • Brand: PANCHAL
  • Model: PPB

Barrel Empty Progressive Cavity Eccentric Screw Pumps / Barrel Decanting Pump, PPB Series. It is Universal Robust and Powerful High Viscosity Liquid Pump, Suitable For High Viscosity, Pasty & Low Viscosity Products From Casks And Narrow Containers.


  • Long life, Flexi shaft and closed or open Cardan Joints.
  • Quick to dismantle, convenient to clean
  • Barrel in AISI 304, AISI 316 & AISI 316L.
  • Rotor / Shaft & Rotating Parts in AISI 304, AISI 316 & AISI 316L
  • Torsion Free Moulded to Stainless Steel Tube Rubber Stator in Nitrile, Hyplon, FPM, NCR Food Grade Nitrile, EPDM in white & black colour elastomers.
  • Shaft Sealing by Stuffing Box Gland Packed / Mechanical Seal

CapacityUp to 50 m³/hr.
Pressure Stages6, 12, 18 & 24 Bar
TemperatureUp to 150° C / 302° F
ViscosityUp to 30,000 cst
Solid Handling CapabilityUp to 12%


Acidic And Alkaline Slurry, Alum, Bentonite Slurry, Black , Casein Slurry, Ceramic Slurry, Clay Molasses, Coating Mix, Detergent Slurry, Ferrite Slurry, Fuel Oil Sludge, Glue, Grout Mix, Lube Oil, Magma, Massecuite, Molasses, Paint, Paper Pulp, Printing Ink, Rosins, Sewage Sludge, Soap Stock, Sodium Silicate, Spent Grains, Sulphited Syrup, Sugar Syrup, Cane Juice, Varnish, Vegetable Oil and Gum Sludge Viscose, Yeast, Etc.


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PPB

Electric Drum Pumps

Product Details:
  • Brand: PANCHAL
  • Model: PPB

Barrel Mixing Pump

Mixing ?

No problem for mixing pump tube


Emulsions, dispersions suspensions such as paints and lacquers tend to separate when left to stand. The heavier elements sink to the bottom and form a thick layer, the lighter parts will float to the top.


Before discharging, the liquid has to be re-mixed, and in a 200 liter barrel with an opening perhaps only 50 mm. Wide, this is no easy task.


With the PANCHAL mixing pump tube, this problem can easily be overcome. To mix, simply set the lever on the pump tube to mix. After the liquid has been mixed, you can gradually move the lever to pump in order to discharge the liquid.


The regulations for using the mixer pumps in Zone 0 also permit their use for transferring inflammable liquids.

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