Pit or Sump Slurry Pumps

Pit And Sump Slurry Pump

Product Details:
  • Brand: PANCHAL

“PANCHAL” PIT/SUMP Slurry Pumps were developed, keeping in mind about the need of customers' application of the pumps. Pumping of sludge Slurry/liquid of high viscosity or specific gravity with pumps installed on ground level was not found easy.


To overcome the problem of pumping liquids of high viscosity and specific gravity from pits and sumps, the pump unit itself was immersed in the liquid to the pit/sump depth to pump out the liquid with ease. The drive cum discharge unit mounted on the ground level facilitates inspection and safety of the prime mover.


The design of the “PANCHAL” PIT/SUMP Slurry Pumps is so simple that dismantling and reassembly of the pump is made quick and easy during maintenance and replacements operations.


An agitator may be installed in the pit/sump if the suspended solids in the liquid tend to settle down faster.


These pumps can successfully be used in the sumps of Steel producing plants, underground molasses tanks in Sugar Industries, Ceramic Clay /Slip pits in Ceramic industries, Effluent tanks in tanneries, water treatment plants, Bio-Gas Plants to pump fresh and spent animal dung, etc.



* Self Priming

* Positive displacement

* Uniform flow

* Non clogging

* Low internal velocity

* Simplicity design

* Minimum wear

* Easy maintenance




Up to 120 m³/hr.

Pressure Stages

Up to 12 Kg/cm2


Up to 25,000 cp

Solid Handling Capability

Up to 10% by weight


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