Treatment Plant Progressive Cavity Pumps

Panchal Pumps are different from others of their class. The helical rotors of Panchal Pumps are of smaller diameter and longer pitch design. Due to this unique design these pumps are power savers to a large extent, a boon for the energy conscious user.
Non ClogBeing a Positive Displacement pump with high suction capacity of 8.4 mwc, these pumps do not clog due to their liquid conveying cavities even when suspended with solids. They are self priming with no foot valves at the bottom.
SensitiveWith exceptional low internal velocity, these pumps are shear sensitive to gently handle microbial organisms for stable biological treatment process.
Solids DryBeing Progressive cavity pumps, they handle higher percentage of solids and semi-solids. They replace the conventional pumping methods using higher power and costly transportation of dewatered sludge.
Versatility with Varied Advantages Panchal pumps are versatile for application in treatment plants as these pumps can be deployed in all the stages of treatment from the balancing tank to disposal as shown in the illustrated flow diagram in this leaflet. * Constructional cost reduction by eliminating the construction of pump pit. Easy maintenance as the often clogging foot valve is eliminated.
* No costly and power consuming pumps are needed for the digester application as Panchal pumps would be suitable in that stage of treatment with its reversibility feature in place.
* Gentle shear-free handling of the microbial organisms by Panchal pumps assure stability of the biological treatment process.

Capacity : Up to 120 m³/hr.Pressure Stages : 6, 12, 18 24 Bar Temperature : Up to 150°C / 302°F Viscosity : Up to 30,000 cst Solid Handling Capability : Up to 12%
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