Cardan Joints

Cardan Joint

Product Details:
  • Brand: PANCHAL

Cardan Universal Joint

Maintenance free, fully encapsulated, oil lubricated, free from backless, special smooth running long service life for heavy industrial duty.

Single Screw Pump Pin Joints

Product Details:
  • Brand: PANCHAL
  • Design: Customized

Pin Joints are applicable for food products applications in which the coupling rods are used without bushes for the coupling rod pins to ensure no ingression of bacteria. As of now no cover boot seal used to contain lubrication. The media itself acts as lubrication for the pin in the coupling rod.

Cardan UJ Joint

Cardan UJ Joints superior to conventional gear and single pin & bush joints are employed to take up free angular movements, axial forces, torque loads prevail in progressive cavity pump, employing two sets of pins perpendicular to each other.

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